Apple Pressing at Old Sleningford Farm

Sadly we are unable to hold our Apple Day this year and we know many of you will be disappointed not to press your apples. We have looked at all different ways of still being able to do this and, working in partnership with Old Sleningford Preserves, we are offering our supporters the chance to have their apples pressed, juiced and bottled with part of the cost coming to us as a donation. Hopefully this will enable plenty of you to still use your apples whilst supporting The Walled Garden.

How will it work?
You will take your apples to Old Sleningford Farm who will press and bottle your juice, which you will then pay for and collect a few days later from the farm.

Apples need to be taken to Old Sleningford Farm on Sunday 27th or Monday 28th September and left where indicated outside Old Sleningford Preserves workshop. They will be pressed on Tuesday 29th and bottled on Wednesday 30th. Bottles need to be collected between Thursday 1st October and Sunday 4th October.

Can I bring my apples any other time?
No, the area outside the workshop is used to press apples and will be in use on the 26th. Old Sleningford Farm have other pressing dates where you can use their equipment to make your own juice, see

Can you keep my bottles of juice longer?
No, the area used for the bottles must be cleared by Sunday 4th October evening

How many apples can I bring?
As many as you’d like to have back in juice! Roughly 2kg of apples will give you 1 litre of juice. The bottles are 750ml, so if you want 50 bottles (1 a week for the year!) you’ll need about 70kg of apples for example

What type of apples?
Any apple will make juice so bring what you have

Can I use windfalls?
Yes, providing they are carefully washed and haven’t come from an orchard with grazing animals

Can I use bruised or scabby apples?
Yes, providing they are not mouldy

How will you know which are my apples?
When you leave them at Old Sleningford Farm they will be in separate piles and you will leave your name, telephone number and email address

Do you need to know if I am leaving apples?
No, just bring them to Old Sleningford Farm on the 27th or 28th September and leave where indicated

Can I bring my apples and not have the juice back?
No, however many apples you bring you commit to having back in bottled juice

Can I donate the juice to The Walled Garden?
No, The Walled Garden has a large orchard themselves and juice sold in their shop and café are made from those

How long will the juice last?
The juice is pasteurised, has a 2 year shelf life and can be kept at ambient temperature until opened. Once opened it should be kept in a fridge and used within 4 days.

How much will it cost?
£1.35 per 750ml bottle, 25p of which will go to The Walled Garden as a donation. You will receive an email from Old Sleningford Preserves advising how many bottles your apples have produced, the cost and how to pay (direct to bank preferred)

Where is Old Sleningford Farm?
Just on the outskirts of Mickley, post code is HG4 3JB

Booking for this event has now closed.