Covid-19 – How we are supporting our Members

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, when we took the decision to close our sites to protect all the members of our community, we have worked hard to ensure we have still been providing care and support to Members and their families.

The majority of staff are at work and have been throughout lockdown, focusing on supporting Members at home. We have been agile and worked quickly to adapt our key priority, Member services.

We have been able to offer a remote service with telephone calls, resource packs which have supported activities including baking, craft and gardening activities and video calls with singing sessions and even exercise classes! New activities and sessions have been added to ensure variety and to respond to feedback and we are now offering a weekly Conservation group session, an Art session, Literacy and Numeracy and ‘Thinking Money’. We recently held a talent contest and now hold weekly daytime discos!

Regular newsletters have been shared with Parents and Carers and a special newsletter for Members

 celebrating all their wonderful work.

In a recent survey of parents and carers 85% of respondents rated our service as 10/10

As an organisation our focus is on providing our high quality services now, albeit in a different way and also ensuring that when we are able to reopen the service will be here to continue for our Member community, our volunteers, customers and supporters. We are working to make changes to the sites which will allow safe working when Members are able to return.

We will continue to use the website and our social media to share updates and news. Please use these channels to contact us or call on 01765 609 229.