Jams and Chutneys

All priced at £3 unless otherwise stated

Jams and Jelly Chutney
Blackberry & Apple Jam Beetroot and Orange
Blackcurrant Jam Golden Pear
Mirabelle Plum Rhubarb and Date
Mixed Berries Spiced Apple
Raspberry Tomato and Apple
Seedless Raspberry and Redcurrant
Marmalades Other Preserves
Orange and Reg Grapefruit Pickled Beetroot
Orange and Whisky Chilli Oil

Apple Juice

Large 750ml Small 330ml
Apple £2.50 £1.50
Apple & Ginger £2.50 £1.50
Apple & Pear £2.50  - 

Cards for sale

Created by service users. £1.50 each.