Services at Ripon Walled Garden

The Walled Garden team comprises the expertise and talents of experienced staff and volunteers. The charity is indebted to our patrons and is very proud of its association with local horticulturist, Marin Fish.
The enormous variety of tasks a garden can offer as the seasons change is one of the big attractions for our Members. Gardening can help keep Members keep fit, provide a great social opportunity and help them grow in confidence, whilst feeling better for being outside and in touch with nature.
Being open to the public provides numerous opportunities for our Members to fully interact with the community and develop a range of practical and social skills.
Our “plot to plate’ ethos helps Members appreciate where our food comes from and that they have an important role to play in sowing, watering and caring for fruit and vegetables that are then used in the Tea Room or made into homemade produce.  Members can also practice retail skills in the onsite shop where every penny of the money generated through selling plants and produce is used by the Charity to deliver and develop its services.
The Garden can help Members develop independence in a calming, unpressured environment. This particularly helps those with autism which can affect a person’s social interaction, communication, interests and behavior. Being at the Garden can help Members to socialize. When life is a little bit tougher and communication and socialising don’t come easily, the Garden environment can help Members gain confidence, embrace the outdoors and develop self-esteem and confidence at their own pace.
Quotes from Members e.g. and Martin Fish

Services at Ripon Walled Garden Tea Room

Our Members contribute towards our outstanding Tea Room reputation. We are locally renowned for serving excellent food and drink, whilst providing an environment where our Members can learn and thrive. 
Members are encouraged and supported to learn new skills in catering, cooking, baking and serving customers. Members all have an important role to play in helping create the food in our Tea Room, outside catering or in produce such as jams and chutneys made from fruits and vegetables grown in the garden.