Shrubs and Perennials


Buddleia Purple Lion

Fragrant compact variety with vibrant purple-blue flowers. Good for pots and borders. Height and spread 60-80cm. £4.00

Choisya ternata

An evergreen shrub with fragrant white flowers in late spring and again in late summer. Height and spread 2.5m. £6.00

Cornus alba Sibirica

A deciduous shrub grown for its bright red winter stems and red autumn leaves. Height and spread 3m. £3 - £12.00

Cornus Flaviramea

A deciduous shrub grown for its bright yellow-green winter stems. Height and spread 2m. £6.00

Escallonia Apple Blossom

An evergreen shrub with apple blossom pink flowers in midsummer. Height and spread 2.5m £6.00

Euonymus Silver Queen

An evergreen shrub with white-margined dark green leaves. Height up to 2.5m but can be clipped to size. £12.00


A deciduous shrub with yellow flowers followed by light pink berries in autumn. Height up to 1.5m £4.00

Lavendula Munstead

A dwarf lavender with blue-purple flowers. Height 45cm. £6.00

Photinia Red Robin

A large evergreen shrub with bright red young foliage in spring. Height 2m. £3.00

Pittosporum tenuifoliun

A large evergreen shrub with small honey scented black-red flowers in spring. Can be clipped to shape. £3.00

Weigela florida

A deciduous shrub with funnel shaped pink flowers in late spring/early summer. Height up to 2m. £6.00


Aster Blue Lagoon £3.00

Abundant rich lavender blue flowers in late summer. Compact habit (40cm). Butterfly and bee friendly.

Aster Lady in black £4.00

A clump forming perennial with dark purple foliage and dense branching sprays of white and rosy pink flowers in late summer. Height 1.3m

Aster Monch £3.00

Long lasting lavender blue flowers in autumn. Height 70cm and spread 40cm.

Brunnera Jack Frost £5.00

Forget-me-not like flowers in spring. Height 50cm. Good for growing in dry shade.

Digitalis ferruginea £3/£4.00

Golden brown flowers in midsummer. Height 1.2m and spread 45cm. Ideal for part shade.

Epimedium £4.00

A hardy perennial with small flowers borne on long stems in spring. Ideal ground cover for growing under trees.

Francoa sonchifolia £3/4.00

Long stems of pink flowers in midsummer. Height 60-90cm and spread 45cm. Good for growing in dappled shade.

Geranium (mixed)£1.50/£3.00

Summer flowering perennial ideal for suppressing weeds in the border. Grow in sun or light shade.

Helenium Sahrins Early Flower £5.00

Easy to grow perennial with coppery yellow flowers June-September. Height 1m and spread45cm.

Helenium Raunchtops £4.00

Striking flowers with gold on top and coppery red beneath. Late summer flowering. Attractive to bees.

Helleborus (mixed) £1.50

A hardy perennial ideal for growing in light shade in a border or woodland setting. Flowers late winter/early spring.

Hemerocallis Stella de Oro £3.00

An evergreen perennial with yellow flowers in summer. Height 30cm and spread 45cm. Best grown in full sun.

Hesperis £3.00

Also known  as sweet rocket this short lived perennial is good for attracting insects. Flowers late spring to mid summer.

Inula magnifica £4.00

Robust perennial ideal for the back of a border. Bright yellow flowers in late summer. Height 1.8m and spread 1m.

Leucanthemum (mixed) £5.00

A perennial grown for its daisy like flowers in summer. Best grown in full sun.

Phlox David £6.00

A late summer flowering perennial with whit flowers. Height 1.2m and spread 60cm. Grow in full sun or light shade.

Pulmonaria £5.00

Ideal ground cover under trees and shrubs. Early spring flowers which are attractive to bees.

Rudbecia Dreamii £3/£5.00

An ideal late summer/autumn flowering perennial with yellow star shaped flowers. Height 60cm.

Rudbeckia Goldstrum £3/£5.00

Large golden yellow flower heads in late summer/autumn. Height 60cm. Grow in sun or light shade.

Rudbeckia Green Wizard £3.00

An unusual flower with green petals around a black cone centre. Flowers August-October.

Saxifrago Umbrosa £3.00

An ideal edging or ground cover plant with dainty sprays of pink flowers in May-July. Thrives best in partial shade.

Sedum Munstead Red £6.00

A clump forming perennial with domed clusters of purplish-pink flowers in late summer/early autumn. Height 60cm. Grow in full sun.

Solidago (Golden Rod) £4.00

An easy to grow perennial with bright yellow flowers in July/August. Grow in well-drained soil in full sun.

Verbena Bonariensis £4.00

Elegant clusters of purple flowers on tall stems from June to October. Height 2m and spread 45cm.