I want to find out just how far I can run or what my limits are, so I thought that my 2023 challenge would be a good way to raise some funds for Ripon Community Link. I work at Ripon Evolve and the students there work closely with Ripon Community Link at the Walled Garden.

The Events
I have attempted the Tunnel Ultra twice and not completed it, this year I really want to complete the 200 times through Coombe Down Tunnel (just over 1700 metres each way) within 55 hours. Starting on March 31 and finishing on April 2. I completed 150 times through the tunnel in March 2019 and 100 times in September 2021

I have attempted the Hardmoors 160 once in 2020 I struggled with lack of sleep and completed 136 of the 160 mile route which is the Tabular Hills Way and the Cleveland Way combined. In May 2023 I intend to complete the whole route.

I Did not finish the Hardwolds 40 (Beverley to Malton) in June 2021 due to being attacked by a cow at 15 miles. In June 2023 I hopefully put that incident behind me when I complete the event.

I did not finish the 215 mile Ultra Great Britain (Race Across Scotland) in August 2019 for several reasons but mainly entering on a whim and lack of sleep. I completed 153 miles before falling asleep and missing a timed cut off. In August 2023 I am determined to complete the whole journey from Portpatrick on the West coast to Cockburns Path on the East coast.

This year I am determined to complete these 4 events.

Ripon Community Link and I are very grateful for any donation in honour of my attempt to turn these previous negative experiences into positive ones.

Helena Conlin