Our Team


The Board of Trustees is a group of volunteers who take overall responsibility and act collectively to govern the Charity.

On a day to day basis, our Chief Executive and senior leadership team run the charity, however our Trustees are ultimately responsible in law for Ripon Community Link, its assets and activities.
Our Trustees are appointed in line with our skills matrix because their skills and experience enable them to take on the responsibilities of the Charity, and they are all committed to helping us achieve our vision.
Board of Trustees:
Carolyn Sands (Chair)
Joe Bradley   
Don Hanson
Kathryn Harrison
Andrew Marson   
David Mortimer   
Loretta Williams

The Staff

There is a talented, experienced team of staff and volunteers all led by our Chief Executive. The Management team includes our Social Care Manager and Co-coordinators who are responsible for the day to day planning of activities for Members and monitoring their progress.

Victoria Ashley          CEO
Lisa Fletcher Social    Care Manager
Sarah Johnson           Fundraiser
David Foster              Head of Member Services
Julie Scorer               Co-ordinator
Cheryl Simpson         Co-ordinator
Julie Lankester          Co-ordinator


We have a supportive and talented group of volunteers who support us in our work, with service users, in the Garden, Tea Room and with woodwork.